How to apply agile methodologies to your project

2023-02-21T10:02:52+01:00Agile methodology|

Applying agile methodologies to your project is essential to carry out the digital transformation of a company. The iterative approach of agile methodologies allows teams to evolve towards a final goal while making work more flexible and adapting to new circumstances that may arise during project development. DoneTonic aspires to [...]

What is a Product Owner and what are their responsibilities?

2022-10-19T13:09:41+02:00Agile methodology, Framework Scrum|

The Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product developed by the team, thus adding value to the business. The Product Owner also manages the Product Backlog. This could be said to be the basic function of a Product Owner, but as we will see below, it [...]

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