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Teams applying agile methodologies, such as SCRUM or Kanban, for product development and project management have to keep in mind that good team management is key to achieve the desired results.

Teams using SCRUM to add value in the final product work sprints ranging from 15 days to 4 weeks, very short periods of time where team management is the basis for achieving the set objectives.

And teams using Kanban boards need good team management because they work on projects where there is a constant flow of work and where modifications arise during the development of the project.

When there is no proper agile team management is when you get the feeling that work is not progressing and value is not being delivered to the customer on time.

Knowing the status of the tasks of the agile team members, detecting if there are bottlenecks and solving blocked tasks is only possible if there is correct work team management.

In addition, coordination between the team and common planning of the objectives will achieve the involvement of all team members.

Agile teams

Before learning how to manage an agile team, it is necessary to understand what it is: an agile team is a group of people who have a common goal, who are flexible in the way they work and who adapt smoothly to new customer requirements. A self-organized team is responsible for creating value for the customer.

These are usually multidisciplinary teams, whose members are specialists contributing from various areas to achieve the common result.

Although agile teams located in an office are preferred, due to current circumstances and the development of new technologies, it is likely that the members of these multidisciplinary teams may be located in different geographical locations, which makes management more complicated. Therefore, having a software that allows the connection of all members to all tasks using boards, will help to achieve the objectives set.

With DoneTonic, all team members can access the projects they are part of from anywhere and know, in real time, which tasks they have assigned as well as the status of the tasks of the rest of the agile team members. It is possible to add comments, files, assign or unassign a task to a member who may have an excessive workload, know the hourly capacity of the users… All that is necessary for an excellent team management.

What is agile team management?

Agile team management is a work philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement, adaptability and teamwork. This means that instead of trying to force your team to work one way, it’s about finding the way of working that best suits them. It is a way of managing projects following the Agile principles that were laid out in the Agile manifiesto in 2001 during a meeting between developers and programmers.

Effective Agile team management is synonymous with successful product development, whether for software development teams, engineers or any discipline that requires the delivery of value in products.

pass your tasks to done

Team management benefits

Regardless of the size of the organization, coordination among members is of vital importance for the company and its proper functioning.

Moving fast, coordinating with different team members and optimizing time are 3 essential pillars to carry out a successful project.

Below we break down some of the advantages of accurate agile team management:

1. Prevents workflow problems

Having a software like DoneTonic allows you to organize and distribute tasks among the different members of the agile team. At the same time, you will be able to know which tasks are assigned to each user and in what state they are in. DoneTonic will also help you avoid overlapping and duplication of tasks and overloading the same member with tasks.

2. Unidirectional approach

The purpose is to have a common goal and work system, so all team members are oriented to the same direction and the workflow is more effective.

3. Improves work environment and teamwork

Managing groups correctly generates a better work environment, enhances individual and collective motivation, provides equality and the same rules for everyone.
A good working environment and a motivated team is the key to optimal progress.
Members trust each other, understand each other’s strengths and use this to optimize the development of the project.

4. Feedback

Team management keeps communication flowing between members, so that everyone is informed about the status of the project.

5. Time optimization

Segmenting big ideas into smaller chunks will make it easier to manage project tasks.
By dividing tasks and setting different deadlines, you can optimize the time for each project phase, being more efficient with your company’s resources.

Agile team management with DoneTonic

Gestion de equipos agiles

DoneTonic is very visual and intuitive, and helps agile teams develop their respective projects.

With DoneTonic you can create several work boards, where the tasks to be performed will be added and distributed among the team members. At the same time, it allows you to easily visualize the tasks assigned to each user and the stage in which each task is. This makes it possible to know who has sufficient workload and who has no tasks assigned to them, as well as to detect where a task may be stuck.

Due dates can be assigned to a task, which allows the user to meet the established deadlines.
DoneTonic also offers the possibility to indicate the importance to prioritize some tasks before others.

Being a multiplatform application, you can work from any device and place, always having access to the project information.


Using DoneTonic’s software will help you achieve proper team management, allowing you to manage the tasks being performed and detect those that hinder the progress of the project, help analyze the workflow, improve work performance, detect bottlenecks and facilitate teamwork, all through visual Kanban and SCRUM boards and from anywhere.

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