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Scope development with DoneTonic’s SCRUM Boards

SCRUM boards are used by teams that plan product development, through agile methodologies such as SCRUM, in sprints.

DoneTonic’s SCRUM board allows multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate from any location.

Scrum board
SCRUM board

What is a SCRUM board?

SCRUM boards show the PBIs with their tasks that have been added to the sprint to achieve the incremental value of the product in that time frame. It is an information hub that allows the team to track the status of the tasks in real time. The SCRUM board has rows and columns where PBI tasks advance until they reach the status defined as DONE or completed. The development team must be able to access them from anywhere, as it is an important pillar within teams that work following the SCRUM methodology.

DoneTonic’s SCRUM software allows the automatic generation of the SCRUM board once the sprint is defined.

DoneTonic SCRUM Boards

All the information on the SCRUM board

The SCRUM board is the information center of the projects or product development executed with the SCRUM methodology. It consists of several rows and columns where the tasks to be developed in that sprint are shown, where the columns correspond to the status of the task and the rows to the PBIs.

DoneTonic Scrum Software Scrum Board

The agile teams boards

SCRUM board configuration

Plan, control and progress on your own SCRUM board

Confiración del scrum board

Use SCRUM Boards to control development

Visualize the current status of the product development on the SCRUM boards to make proactive decisions.

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