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Notification of changes

Don’t miss anything

Customize the notifications you want to receive. Create your own email templates or use ours, but don’t miss any notifications.

  • Assign tasks

  • Task changes

  • Unassigning tasks
  • New members in a task
  • New members on a board

Receive notifications to your email

DoneTonic’s project manager allows you to receive any notifications about tasks on Kanban boards or PBIs that are being developed. You decide which notifications you want to receive based on what you consider relevant, and choose a custom template for each project or simply use the ones provided by DoneTonic.

Activate notifications

Activate notifications

Visualize the big picture

For effective project management, keeping up to date with changes in tasks is a must. Any change in one of the tasks of a PBI or a Kanban board allows you to know the status of the project in real time and thus make decisions according to the changes in these tasks.

  • Notification of task statuts change

  • Know if you have invited to a new board

  • Get alerted if you have been invited to a task or board

  • Know if members have been unassigned to the task
  • See any changes in real time
  • Use DoneTonic templates or set up your own templates

Receive in your email any change in your board cards

Receive notifications to your email

Through our templates or your own, you can receive notifications about changes in the tasks of the projects in which you participate. Real-time information to act proactively.

Receive notifications to your email

Personalized templates

Create your own templates and define what information you want to receive about task changes. Get relevant knowledge in real time and avoid having pending tasks.

Link a template to each type of notification and customize the information received.

Notify only those events that interest you

Do you want to know if a task has changed its priority? Do you prefer to be informed if a user has been added to a dashboard or a project? Or do you consider it relevant to know if a project has been deleted? Define which notifications you want to receive so that you can act accordingly.

Different templates depending on the project

Not all your projects are the same, so why should your templates be the same? Adapt your templates to each project and get your own customization.

Deliver your projects on time with DoneTonic

Try now the project manager that will allow you to improve teamwork and meet deadlines.

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