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Project Management Software

Simple project management

Visualize both you and your team’s workload by simply logging into DoneTonic’s project manager. Customize tasks to keep your projects on time and on budget.

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What is a project management software?

A project management software aims to facilitate the planning and organization of your team’s work throughout the project development process, understanding project as a set of actions that serve to grow a business idea.

It is a collaborative tool in which all team members know the status of their colleagues’ work at all times.

Through project management software, team members can share files, comments and doubts about the tasks carried out during the development of the project.

Why do I need software to manage my projects?

Because project management can be a complex job. Coordinating the tasks of a team is essential for a successful project development. It is recommended that the whole company uses the same project management software to facilitate the tasks of organization and coordination of all. It should be noted that having a single tool facilitates communication and allows to meet product delivery dates.

Benefits for the whole company

Having a project management software has benefits for all types of companies

  • One software for the entire company

  • Improves teamwork

  • Meets deadlines
  • Daily project tracking

  • Detects which tasks block development progress
  • Assigns tasks to those responsible for them
  • Facilitates digital transformation

See at a glance the workload of your team members

Agile methodologies for project management

Get your entire company to use the same software for effective project management. A tool to combine Kanban boards with Scrum methodology. Choose your agile methodology and start working.


  • Backlog

  • Releases

  • Sprint Planning

  • PBI

  • Organization of tasks in PBI
  • Group tasks in User Stories

Kanban Boards

  • Create your statuses

  • Custom tags
  • Drag&Drop to move tasks from one status to another
  • Assign tasks
  • Prioritize them

Manage your projects with DoneTonic

Find out why many companies rely on DoneTonic to manage their work.

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