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Manage resources

Control your and your team’s tasks

Check that team members are not overloaded or underworked. Make sure that each project has the necessary resources. Coordinate the work of all team members from a single screen.

Keep track of the people assigned to tasks

Manage your team’s resources in real time. Control the tasks assigned to each team member from a single window. Plan the future development of the project by making decisions based on the current situation.

You and your team can easily review how many tasks are pending, how many are overdue and which ones are due soon. This will allow you to streamline processes to get the inputs on time.

Resource management

Promotes balance by redistributing work.

Directly group tasks by assignment. This allows you to quickly see which tasks are assigned to which resource and their status. Discover bottlenecks that prevent the project from moving forward and find a solution. Make sure that there are no resources with extra work and others that, on the contrary, are free and can move forward with other tasks.

The app used by teams

How DoneTonic helps you with resource management

Distribute tasks and make sure that no one has an excessive workload. View upcoming deadlines on a calendar.

Redistribute work

Quickly, check the workload of each resource. The goal is not to load the team with tasks, but to redistribute the work.

Check the staff on each task

Check which team members have the heaviest workload and release them. Distribute the tasks in a proportionate way and achieve the objectives.

Balanced teams

Effective resource management involves meeting deadlines. Establish real delivery periods and assign them the available and necessary resources.

View the time spent on PBIs and sprints

Find out the estimated time on the PBIs of a sprint thanks to the sum of time spent on the tasks that make them up. Detect which PBI has surpassed the estimated time for the development of the tasks and avoid exceeding the time defined for the sprint.

Duration of a task on Kanban boards

As in sprints and PBIs, in Kanban boards it is possible to define an estimated time for a task and the time spent. Add the required time to each task and check that the time spent does not exceed it.

Capacity of each user

Adding the daily time that each user must dedicate to the sprint, multiplied by the number of days the sprint lasts, gives the value of the load supported by the sprint. It defines the daily time that each member must dedicate to its development. It thus knows the time available to each user for the development of the product.

Benefits of using DoneTonic to manage your resources

DoneTonic unifies two agile methodologies in a single tool: the SCRUM framework and Kanban boards. The same software for the whole company.
Invite members to the different tasks of different projects. Facilitates coordination between different project members, empowers self-organized teams.
Share files, add comments to your assigned tasks while consulting the notes of other colleagues with whom you share the task.
Organize both your and your team’s tasks. Good coordination among team members is the basis for success in all projects.
Check your calendar to see which tasks are due in a day, a week or a month. This will allow you to meet your deadlines.

Balance workloads

Control who has too much or too little work with DoneTonic. Control the workload of each team member.

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