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SCRUM Methodology

Improve the way you work

Adopt the SCRUM methodology as an agile way of working and obtain greater benefits. Develop large projects sprint by sprint with DoneTonic.

  • Create your backlog

  • Plan your sprints

  • Define releases

  • PBI in each sprint

What is the SCRUM methodology?

The SCRUM methodology aims to promote teamwork in order to obtain better results in a project. SCRUM is a framework in which a series of best practices are applied that allow collaborative work to be a success. The SCRUM methodology is based on three pillars: transparency, inspection and adaptation.

Working under SCRUM consists of making partial and periodic deliveries of the final product in a prioritized manner according to the benefits that these deliveries bring to the project. It is a methodology recommended for complex projects, with changing requirements and involving interdisciplinary teams.

Why apply the SCRUM methodology?

The SCRUM framework is basically used by software development teams, but its principles can be applied to all departments of a company. It also allows work groups to be interdisciplinary, so that several teams can use the SCRUM methodology to move the project forward.

  • Encourages teamwork and eliminates obstacles
  • Early results (Time to Market)
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Higher quality in the final product
  • Adaptation to unforeseen events
  • Reduced risks when the project is extended in time

Use the SCRUM methodology with DoneTonic

Use the SCRUM methodology in your company

Boost teamwork, efficient project delivery, task distribution, and a wide range of advantages.

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