Automate your recurring tasks

Save time and money

DoneTonic does the hard work for you. Automate repetitive work and spend time doing tasks that are truly productive. A process that will benefit your entire team.

  • Automate processes
  • Create rules for the most common processes
  • Save time to focus on more relevant tasks
  • Reduce the possibility of errors
  • Create your own macros or rules
Automations in agile projects
Automations in agile projects

Automate your everyday processes

Don’t waste time on repetitive manual work and streamline task progress, let DoneTonic’s automations do it for you. Simplify workflows, prevent manual errors and spend time on tasks that add value to product development and optimize project management. Save time and money by creating macros.

New macro

Create a single macro with more than one action

Create in a single macro, the series of actions you want to apply to the task.

Learn what changes you can apply with task automation.

Remove those users assigned to the task

Automatically assigns the task to the users in charge of it

Switches the status of a task between the different statuses on the Kanban board
Changes the importance of the task while changing other properties
Add an existing tag to the task or create one while defining the action
Automates the removal of tags from tasks
Select the due date of the task, whether it expires after a certain number of days or on the first day of the week

Simplify your day-to-day life

Spend time on what really matters

Less tedious work, more productive teams

Create the macro or automation

Define which actions are most commonly applied in your day-to-day tasks and create macros or automations easily. Create as many actions within the macro as necessary.

Select the task to apply the macro to

Apply the macro to the task to be modified. Select from all the macros or automations in the drop-down menu and modify the task with the specified changes.

Checks the changes in the task

Check that the changes have been applied and that the task already has the conditions defined in the macro or automation.

Automate and simplify your day-to-day life

Automate processes and forget about doing the heavy lifting, DoneTonic does it for you. Define which actions each macro should include and apply them with a single click on the tasks.

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