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Achieve success in your projects

The project management tool for the entire organization.

Use agile methodologies to manage your projects in every department of the company to improve product quality, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and motivate employees.

Agile methodologies for project management

Get your entire company to use the same tool for effective project management. A project management software that combines Kanban boards with Scrum methodology. Choose your methodology and start working.

Agile methodologies for project management

Kanban Boards

  • Create your statuses

  • Custom tags

  • Drag&Drop to move tasks from one status to another
  • Assign tasks
  • Prioritize them


  • Backlog

  • Releases

  • Sprint Planning

  • PBI

  • Organization of tasks in PBI
  • Group tasks in User Stories

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Getting started with DoneTonic is very simple

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And here begins our beautiful relationship that we hope will be long lasting.

Project management tool agile methodologies

Use agile methodologies to manage your projects.

Simplify your tasks and work with a self-organized team with agile methodologies.

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