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Simple project management

Control at a glance

Visualize both you and your team’s workload by simply logging into DoneTonic’s project manager. Customize tasks to keep your projects on time and on budget.

  • View today’s tasks, both yours and your team’s
  • Know which tasks are pending, past and future
  • See which tasks are a priority
  • Organize work by PBI

Meet deadlines and distribute your work

DoneTonic is a collaborative project management software where you can check the status of your work on a single screen. Quickly view the status of each task, view PBIs, identify next steps and take concrete actions to meet deadlines.

Project management with DoneTonic

Visualize the big picture

Do you have only one workspace or are you part of several workspaces? With DoneTonic we make it easy for you, choose which workspace you want to consult your pending tasks, or on the contrary, consult all the works of all the projects you are part of.

  • View today’s tasks
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Find out which tasks have expired and make decisions.
  • Visibility of PBI
  • Visibility of tasks on Kanban boards
  • View your team’s work

See at a glance the workload of your team members

Get a quick overview of the status of projects

Distribute tasks and make sure that no one has an excessive workload. View upcoming deadlines on a calendar.

Plan your tasks

Know what tasks are due next and plan your and your team’s schedule. Keep track of the jobs that are due and meet deadlines. Access each task directly from the calendar.

With a bird’s eye view you can see which members are part of the tasks, due dates, their status, priority and the tags you have assigned.

Know which tasks are a priority

If you prefer, you can quickly check the status of tasks, who they are assigned to, their due date and priority.

Review and prioritize tasks, both yours and those of your team members, to proactively address issues.

On to the next one

Take a quick look at the next task due date. Make sure you don’t burden yourself or your team with work that can’t be accomplished, manage your projects effectively.

Good planning will allow you to deliver projects on time.

Use DoneTonic as your team’s project manager

Find out why many companies rely on DoneTonic to manage their work.

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