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Integration with ServiceTonic

Bidirectional integration between DoneTonic and ServiceTonic

The integration of DoneTonic and ServiceTonic unites the best of Service Management (Service Desk / ITSM) with the best of Agile Project Management (Scrum / Kanban / Scrumban).

Services and Projects are two different management areas, but related in many cases. The bi-directional integration between ServiceTonic and DoneTonic simplifies and adds value to both areas.

ServiceTonic integration
ServiceTonic integration

What is ServiceTonic?

ServiceTonic is the ticketing and service automation tool that allows you to effectively manage IT and beyond IT. It is a powerful, flexible and easy to use Service Desk, aligned with ITIL. A service management platform with a high level of configuration without the need for programming skills.

ServiceTonic Service Desk

The Service Desk with which you will be able to receive and manage tickets from all departments of your company in a single tool. Centralize requests and improve your user and customer service.

  • IT Service Management

  • Customer care
  • Inventory and asset management
  • Enterprise Service Management

What happens if we merge ServiceTonic with DoneTonic

By integrating ServiceTonic with DoneTonic, users will be able to quickly create PBIs in DoneTonic for those who prefer a SCRUM methodology, and tasks for users who prefer Kanban boards, from the tickets generated in ServiceTonic.

All in one

Agile Methodology and Service Management in one!

Connect the two tools and start managing services and projects as one. Excellent communication and easy integration. Activate the integration in minutes, no programming required, and get your service and project teams collaborating in an agile and effective way.

ServiceTonic dashboard
Tablero-Kanban en DoneTonic

Show me what I can accomplish

Integration with servicetonic

We want to show you what you can achieve with the integration of ServiceTonic and DoneTonic, this is an example of how to achieve successful results for your company. The connectivity between your project manager and your service desk will enable you:

Streamline work


Streamline work

Facilitate collaboration between teams, both in the office and remotely.


Facilitate collaboration between teams, both in the office and remotely.

Propose features and immediately notify your development team about them


Propose features and immediately notify your development team about them

See how it works

Let’s see how to receive an enhancement request in ServiceTonic and how to develop the enhancement project with DoneTonic:

A user creates a ticket, in the ServiceTonic user portal, requesting an enhancement.

ServiceTonic follows a process of validation and approval of the request.

ServiceTonic automatically creates a PBI in DoneTonic’s Backlog or a task in a Kanban Board.

The Scrum Team together with its Product Owner prioritizes it, refines it and assigns it to the Sprint, all from DoneTonic.

Once the PBI or task is completed, DoneTonic automatically communicates it to ServiceTonic by changing the status of the ticket.

How it works

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