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The Kanban software for project management

Your tasks in a single dashboard

Monitor the evolution of your and your team’s work on a digital board, and watch as tasks go from To Do to Done.

  • Group tasks according to your needs
  • See task details at a glance

  • Drag tasks to change their status
  • Create the statuses that suit you best

What is a Kanban software?

You may already use the Kanban methodology in your workplace and not even realize it. How many times have you listed the tasks to be done, and how many times have you crossed them off the list once you have completed them? The Kanban methodology is based on something similar: the creation of cards classified in some basic statuses, such as: “Pending”, “In progress” and “Finished”, although there can be more depending on your needs.

A Kanban board is a form of visual project management that allows you to manage your team’s work, through cards and columns, as development progresses. The goal of the Kanban methodology is to detect bottlenecks so that you can proactively address them, and thus move forward with the workflow.

Kanban software is perfect for agile teams that want to visualize project progress, prioritize tasks and identify bottlenecks.

Benefits of being equipped with Kanban software

DoneTonic’s Kanban software allows you to benefit from all the advantages of this agile methodology

  • Detecting bottlenecks that delay delivery
  • Smooth workload management
  • Meet delivery deadlines
  • Quickly visualize the status of tasks
  • Avoid excessive workloads
  • Improve product quality

  • Multiple workspaces to make it easier for you to organize your tasks

What you will find in DoneTonic Kanban software

Kanban Software

Create your first Kanban board now

The Kanban methodology is made for you and your organization. Start working with DoneTonic and deliver your projects on time and with excellent quality.

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