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Agile project management with DoneTonic

Implement agile methodologies, with Kanban or Scrum boards and give a boost to your project management.

Manage your agile projects

Manage your projects and increase the productivity of your teams with DoneTonic, our project management software. A company-wide tool that promotes teamwork.

Sectors for applying project development software
Sectors for applying project development software

One solution for all teams

The easiest way to get your tasks and projects Done!

Scrum can be applied to any team. Expand the agile movement to all departments in your company: IT, HR, General Services, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Software Development, Quality, etc. With DoneTonic all of them can now manage their projects and tasks in an agile way, increasing their performance and the efficiency of the whole organization.

One solution for all teams
One solution for all teams

Scrum and Kanban, all in one

Use the agile methodology to manage your projects

Kanban board your way

  • Group tasks by tags, assignments, due date or importance

  • Create the statuses that suit you best

  • Customize the board with your colors

  • Invite team members to participate

  • Change the status of tasks with a single click

Kanban board

Effectively manage backlog, sprints and releases

  • Create PBIs and add them to sprints

  • Control the Backlog
  • Schedule sprint reviews, retrospective and more
  • Access PBI panels and create tasks
  • Assign tasks, priorities and statuses to pbis
manage your backlog

Why choose DoneTonic?

Project Management

Because with DoneTonic you will manage your projects following the agile Scrum framework. Kanban and Scrum boards in the same tool.

Your and your team's tasks always organized

Thanks to the possibility of organizing your work in boards, lists, email notifications and calendar schedules, you and your team will work in an orderly manner from any location.

Your team's tasks organized
Boards and lists

Boards and lists visibility

Visualize your and your team’s work just by logging into DoneTonic’s project manager. Customize your tasks to keep your projects on time and on budget.

Email notifications

Email notifications

Have you been invited to a board? Have you had a task reprioritized? Don’t worry, you will always have a notification in your email notifying you of any task changes. Customize the notifications you want to receive. Create your own email templates or use ours, but don’t miss any notification.

Task management software

Task organizer

A task management software will allow you to organize both your individual tasks and those of your team in order to successfully develop your projects. With DoneTonic you can collaborate with your team wherever you are and have all your tasks centralized in one place.

Integration with ServiceTonic®

Integration with ServiceTonic

The integration of DoneTonic and ServiceTonic unites the best of Service Management (Service Desk / ITSM) with the best of Agile Project Management (Scrum / Kanban / Scrumban).

Agile Project Management

Services and Projects are two distinct, but in many cases related, management domains. The bi-directional integration between ServiceTonic and DoneTonic simplifies and adds value to both areas.

Service Management

What you will find in DoneTonic

The easiest way to move your tasks and projects to Done!

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