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Agile project manager

DoneTonic is your agile project management software. Powerful, simple and ready to use anywhere and for every department in the company. It organizes the work so that any member of any team knows which tasks must be developed and which are a priority to achieve the objective of the projects.

Benefits all around

Discover how DoneTonic benefits you

Learn about the advantages of using DoneTonic’s agile project software.

Agile methodology

DoneTonic allows you to adapt agile methodologies to the way you work. It makes it easy to connect team members and plan a workflow.


Define backlogs, plan sprints, create tasks and schedule releases. A complete software with all the features of Scrum. 

Kanban Boards

The goal of the Kanban methodology is to detect bottlenecks so that you can solve them proactively, and thus move forward with the workflow.

Remote work

Telecommuting or locating remote teams is no longer a problem. Any member of a project can access their tasks remotely.

Team collaboration

Encourage interdisciplinary teams to work together. Make it easier for them to track projects and assign their tasks.

Mobile version

Download DoneTonic on your mobile device and check your tasks wherever you are. Available on the Play Store and the App Store.

Plan your projects

Plan and manage projects, assign tasks to members who are not overloaded with work, track work and get great results.

Improve productivity

A self-managed, multidisciplinary team helps achieve greater success in project delivery. Save time by centralizing the work of different teams in a single tool.

Task management

Manage both your own tasks and those of your team. Prioritize and coordinate those tasks necessary to achieve excellence in the delivery of your projects, regardless of the chosen agile methodology.

Manage your projects with DoneTonic

Find out why many companies rely on DoneTonic to manage their work.

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